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Dock installation Dock Repair Dock removal Lake Travis, LAKE SERVICES INC. is The Lake Travis and Lake Austin Boat Dock Builders,We have been serving marinas, and private dock owners in the Lake Travis and Lake Austin area. We can build you your own custom dock or marina, built exactly to your wants and needs! We carry almost everything you need to build or maintain your marina or dock! LAKE SERVICES INC. Dock Construction offers custom designed docks, repairs, modifications and salvage services.


DOCK RE-FLOAT with Encapsulated Foam, Due to the excessive pollution in Texas Lakes by stray Styrofoam, all docks must be refitted with enclosed floats. Don’t wait to re-float your dock! Call now to arrange a free estimate and get your dock into compliance.

We specialize in Dock Repairs & Moving of all makes and sizes. Dock Accessories, Boat Lifts, Dock Relocating, Dock Floats, Encapsulated Dock Floats, Dock Ladder’s, Dock Cables, Boat Towing, Bumpers Replacement, Dock Lights, Dock Pressure Washing, Re-Decking, Pump Replacement, Dock Bumpers & Fenders, Dock Cleats, Dock Hand Rails, Mooring Systems, Irrigation Systems, Lines & Timers, and So Much More!!!

Dock Watch, Lake Travis is a flood-control lake, and its level changes dramatically depending on rainfall and downstream needs. Dock Watch offers a dock moving service to keep Your Dock in The Water, at lake level Guaranteed, move your dock in, out and to either side.

MARINE GANGWAYS AND STAIRS are on docks all over the world. Attention is paid to detail and function to operated under the most stressful and inclement conditions. We understand that anything to do with the marine industry is physically and mentally challenging, so are Fabrication Service is done with inclement weather and people in mind.

LAKE PUMPS for IRRIGATION, If you’re thinking of installing a new Lake Pump or are in need of a Lake Pump Repair and Rebuilding Service Call us 512-653-0730 At LAKE SERVICES INC. our approach is to repair any component and to analyze each unit, re-engineer when necessary and upgrade equipment to maximize reliability.

TRAM LIFT SYSTEMS… Live at the Top… HASSLE-FREE! The lake shore hillside Tram Lift Systems are designed to integrate versatility and convenience with safety and an attractive appearance. Installation of a lake shore hillside Tram Lift System will help you to fully realize the enjoyment of your unique hillside setting. You will enhance the value of your property and forever eliminate the climb up and down your hillside. Lake shore hillside Tram Lift Systems are meant to carry more than just passengers. The ample platforms of the cars, having a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds, will accommodate such things as inner tubes, water-skis, boat motors, barbeque’s, etc. Wide doorways & ‘soft’ start & stops also make it ideal for the elderly and handicapped.

Enjoy the ride with a Lake Shore Tram Incline Lift System.

Lake shore hillside Tram Incline Lift Systems help residential and commercial customers all over the world traverse the most hard-to-reach locations. If you own real estate on a steep hillside, waterfront property or require easier access to your home or place of business, a lake shore hillside Tram Incline Lift System elevator is right for you. You will enjoy the convenience, safety, value and reliability of the most attractively designed lake shore hillside Tram Incline Lift System elevator on the market today.

What’s in a name?

People refer to a lake shore hillside Tram Incline Lift Systems in many ways. Some call it an incline elevator, hillside elevator, hillside lift, tramway, cable car, people mover, chair lift, gondola and even a European funicular. Others think of it as a handicap lift or an accessibility system for the physically challenged. Outdoor enthusiasts might call it an outdoor lift, or an outdoor incline elevator, while those with waterfront property might call it a lake shore lift, high bank lift or waterfront elevator. Whatever you want to call our lake shore hillside Tram Lift Systems, you can rest assured that when you invest in this state-of-the-art incline elevator system, you’re buying the best technology available to provide effortless accessibility to your property.

We have 30 years of marine and construction experience on hand.

At Lake Services Inc., we offer a number of other services to help you get the most out of your dock experience. We can do all types of repair work, barge service, pressure washing & dock tending, boat dock Lifts or Hoist installs and repairs. We can also provide dock teardown and removal for you. If you don’t see the service you are looking for give us a call so we can discuss your needs!

LAKE SERVICES INC. is a local company specializes in marine construction and shoreline stabilization services at Lake Travis and Lake Austin. Based out of Lake Travis by Mansfield Dam, We know and understand lake front development at Lake Travis and Lake Austin. We offer shoreline stabilization by barge, allowing us at Lake Services Inc. Marine Construction division to get our equipment where others can’t without damaging your property.

                                                                                       OUR SERVICES

                                                                                       Anchor install
                                                                                       Anchor repair
                                                                                       Anchor replacement
                                                                                       Boat Detail
                                                                                       Boat Dock Lift Installation
                                                                                       Boat Dock Lift Repair
                                                                                       Boat Dock Maintenance
                                                                                       Certified Merc Mechanic
                                                                                       Commercial & Residential Trams
                                                                                       Complete Barge & Diving Services 
                                                                                       Custom Encapsulated Foam
                                                                                       Dock Cables
                                                                                       Dock Design Construction & Repair
                                                                                       Dock Floats 
                                                                                       Dock Installation
                                                                                       Dock Ladder’s
                                                                                       Dock Relocating
                                                                                       Dock Removal
                                                                                       Dock Repairs 
                                                                                       Encapsulated Foam
                                                                                       Encapsulated Foam Platform
                                                                                       Fire Pits
                                                                                       Foam Replacement
                                                                                       Floating Trampolines
                                                                                       Irrigation Pumps
                                                                                       Jetski Docks
                                                                                       Lake Shore Tram Lift Systems
                                                                                       Marine Gangways and Stairs
                                                                                       Observation Platforms
                                                                                       Outdoor Kitchens
                                                                                       Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
                                                                                       Spider Control
                                                                                       Stairs & Gangways
                                                                                       Swim Platforms
                                                                                       Tram Lift 
                                                                                       Welding and Fabrication Services
                                                                                       Wet Bars

                                                                                      CALL FOR SERVICE

                                                                                      (512) 653-0730

                                                                                      OR EMAIL US


     109 RANCH ROAD 620 N0RTH
         LAKEWAY, TEXAS 78734
                (512) 261-DOCK
                 (512) 653-0730

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