Tai-Chi Ball is inspired by the traditional Chinese Tai-Chi exercise which involves twisting and turning ones body and encourages hand-eye coordination. Function: 1.Strengthens the flexibility of wrist and promotes good posture for writing. 2.Promotes self-confidence and enhance the ability of reaction and concentration. 3.Increases the emotional stability. 4.Improves balance in movement. Growing up is wonderful and learning should be fun! We love our children and we hope they can develop to the best they can. When children play, they watch, listen, touch and interact; their experience is accumulated through repetition of play. Weplay provides solutions for parents and educators all over teh world who need time to achieve their career goals but still want to do their best to bring up their children. Weplay builds the best playing environment and is always by your side to help you. Invalid escaped chars in body: ', ' , ' , (�), € , &1A;

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